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The era of Web 2.0

The online world is changing. No longer are we just passively viewing a website without contributing to it in some way or expressing our opinions on a certain topic. That was known as Web 1.0, where people would view a website how the creator intended, without any user interaction. They could have no say on the subject unless it was discussed verbally in the physical world or by written documents.

Twitter allows users to update their statuses and follow groups, people or their favourite celebrity. It's all about user interaction.

The emergence of Web 2.0 has changed how people perceive and use the internet. It is now not just about viewing a website, it is now much more than that. It is about sharing and communicating with people around the world.

YouTube is a place where ordinary people can upload videos on to the web to share with the world. Thousands of videos are uploaded daily, and note that Youtube is not the only website that allows users to upload videos.

It is human nature to share, participate and be up to date with people around you. That is why websites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to share and participate in various activities. Letting friends know what you are doing or where you are at that very moment can be easy as one click of a button. And because these applications are now available on mobile phones, users can update their statuses on the go. It has never been so easy to share and connect with people around you.

A social network that's so popular, there are half a billion users and growing...

Web 2.0 has truly changed how the internet works. It has created a world where sharing and connecting with people is essential in our daily lives. And with technology growing more powerful by the year, it’s only going to get easier to connect.

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Posted by on March 3, 2011 in Web 2.0