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Step by step guide on how to prepare toast (with flowchart)


1 – Gather all of your equipment.

2 – Plug the toaster in.

3 – Flick the power point switch to turn on the toaster.

4 – Take a slice of bread out of the packaging.

5 – Place the slice of bread vertically into one of the toaster slots.

6 – Check that the piece of toast is placed correctly in the slot to ensure the toast will be evenly cooked.

7 – Adjust the settings of the toaster to approximately 3 minutes.

8 – Pull down the lever to enable the toasting process.

9 – Wait a few minutes until the toaster ejects the piece of toast.

10-Once it ejects, check to see if the toast is toasted to your liking. If not, repeat step 8.

11 – Take the piece of toast and place it on a plate.

12 – Serve on plate.


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