Lecture Notes: Interactive Design

16 Mar


Interaction: The process of where two different parties influence each other.

Interactive Design:

“Designing interactive products to support people in their everyday and working lives.”
-Sharp, Rogers and Preece.

“The design of spaces for human communication and interaction.”
-T. Winograd.

In interaction design there a 5 key design areas that contribute to the design of interactive products. These areas are:

  • Interactivity
  • Information Architecture
  • Time and Motion
  • Narrative
  • Interface

Bill Verplank states there are 3 key “how do you” questions that need to be answered as a interactive designer. These key questions are:

  • How does the person do?
  • How does the person feel?
  • How does the person know?

Gillian Campton says that interactive design is all about designing the quality of the interaction that occurs between the user and the system/product.

These qualities include:

  • How easy/hard is it to interact with the system/product?
  • How natural is this interaction between the user and the system/product?

Experience Design

Information comes from the representation of data.
Information then contributes to knowledge.
Knowledge is then used to build experience.
Once someone has an experience, they gain wisdom.
Through the use of interactive design, we as designers can create an experience for someone.
Interactive design plays a huge part in design today as it allows users to interact with various information and systems. Designing interactivity takes a lot of planning and key questions must be answered to fulfill the design. Interactive design also creates an experience for the user and it is the designer’s job to ensure that the experience is smooth and easy to understand and use.
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